Video Resources

Product info to enhance sales

Video Resources

These product knowledge videos from alive Studios are easy tools to help broaden your staff’s understanding and awareness of key natural products to help them increase customer engagement and to improve sales at your store!

Show the videos at meetings. You can also use the “send” button to share them on your social media channels to further broaden your engagement with shoppers and fans.

Preferred Nutrition’s Ultimate Probiotics contains shelf-stable probiotics without refrigeration.

via Preferred Nutrition

Our tinctures offer therapeutic dosages of condition-specific herbs in a pure, easily metabolized format.

via Orange Naturals

Allimax for immune strength

via Allimax

Purica Co-Founders Jason and Trevor Watkin explain the vision and inspiration behind the company.

via Purica

The mission at NuvoCare is to deliver, “Authentic research-based supplements that work!”

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