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Product info to enhance sales

Video Resources

These product knowledge videos from alive Studios are easy tools to help broaden your staff’s understanding and awareness of key natural products to help them increase customer engagement and to improve sales at your store!

Show the videos at meetings. You can also use the “send” button to share them on your social media channels to further broaden your engagement with shoppers and fans.


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Active-X increases energy and stamina through an easy absorption formula that can help us train harder and recover faster.
Platinum Naturals – Active-X from alive Studios on Vimeo

This latest in a series of video montages by Purity Life Health Products LP, breaks down by individual product the many benefits of supplementing with Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract and Kyo-Dophilus. Learn here which product is best suited to ones’ individual health needs.

This video from Women’s Natural Health Expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe describes the role of women’s adrenal system during menopause along with ways to help support healthy adrenal glands and enhance hormone function with ADRENAsmart.
Lorna Vanderhaeghe – ADRENAsmart from alive Studios on Vimeo

Melissa Ramos introduces Fiberrific, an all natural, non-gritty, globby fiber supplement that is completely water soluble and has NO taste. To learn more, visit
PureLe – Fiberific

Women’s Natural Health Expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe discusses low thyroid and the role of ThyroSmart in helping to maintain optimal thyroid health.
Lorna Vanderhaeghe – ThyroSmart from alive Studios on Vimeo