The Social Media Toolkit

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The Social Media Toolkit

During April, we’re focusing on all things organic, so why not embrace organic living on social media too? We’re dipping into some of the key differences between the three main platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and how your brand can live organically within them.

Social media tip

With any platform, it’s important to know its purpose in order to understand what the users want. As Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Let’s compare each platform.

  Instagram Facebook Twitter
Purpose sharing photos and videos social networking communicating and broadcasting information
Type of content original visual content curate/distribute content curate/distribute content
Benefit show your brand identity through the most engaging social media platform most diverse user-demographic of 1.86 billion users per month improve customer service through audience interaction

Each platform has its own distinction apart from the others. While Instagram has a heavy emphasis on media only, that is just one feature for Facebook and Twitter. It’s up to you to customize each in the way you want to advocate your brand!

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Suggested Facebook posts

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