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Social Media Toolkit

March is a time of transition—here we are stepping out of winter and into spring. March brings an opportunity to get growing, and expand your brand identity over social media.

Social media tip

Create your own branded hashtag—a valuable tool to boost your unique brand identity in a fun and playful way.

“The best hashtag is often the one that doesn’t read like it was written by a marketer. As you iterate and expand your efforts, remember the original spirit of the hashtag. Don’t lose sight of the authentic conversations, new ideas, and viral memes that the hashtag brings too,” says Krista Whitley from Sprout Social.

See more on how to launch your very own branded hashtag from Krista.

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thrive provides monthly post suggestions that take the guesswork out of social. These posts then drive readers to your stores by inspiring healthier lifestyles.

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Click the links below to paste these tweets into your Twitter feed (and don’t forget the images). We encourage you to use these images when sharing alive articles on Twitter. Tweets with images generate two times more likes and retweets than those without images. Just click on an image to open it in a new tab, and download it from there.

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Suggested Facebook posts

To share these alive articles on Facebook, paste the article URL (below) into your page’s status update box. Once the link preview appears, delete the URL and add a caption like the ones we’ve prepped for you.