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The Social Media Toolkit

December is the time to be social: cooking, entertaining, holiday get-togethers, and traditions. Now more than ever, we want to spread the holiday cheer and embrace personal connection! Join us in sharing our next-level holiday feast and scope out the latest research from alive magazine. It’s your content—just use it.

Social media tip

Are you looking for new ways to represent your brand visually through social media platforms like Instagram? A great way to connect with your audience is to show the lifestyle your brand embodies through photos beyond products. This strategy can appeal to audiences outside your existing customer base and can create a connection through personal and relatable content. Check out Shopify’s review of the top five most engaging retailers on Instagram—and get actionable tips on how to join their ranks,

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thrive provides monthly post suggestions that take the guesswork out of social. These posts then drive readers to your stores by inspiring healthier lifestyles.

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