Teri Hatcher and New Nordic

Teri Hatcher and New Nordic


New Nordic, the leading innovator in dietary supplements, has announced that Teri Hatcher, the world acclaimed actress and international lifestyle icon, is the new global ambassador for the award-winning, clinically studied Hair Volume™ product.

New Nordic CEO and founder Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen says: “We are absolutely delighted to have Teri on board. She shares our core principles that natural health and wellness can give us all a great quality of life and help achieve genuine happiness. She will be a fabulous asset and we look forward to a successful partnership together.”

For Teri Hatcher, natural and positive health and well-being solutions are core to achieving the best out of life – now and in the future. Her YouTube channel ‘Hatching Change’ was inspired by her personal quest to discover what ‘living healthily’ means. She says: “Being over 50 means it’s time to take stock and really mindfully CHOOSE what it is you want out of life – and then making it happen. I always come back to wanting to be able to DO things. I want to be strong physically and mentally and stay motivated to make good choices about nutrition. I meditate and I exercise too. I try to do all this regularly so my body can do things long into the future. All of my body needs to be healthy – including my hair.”

By her own admission, Teri’s hair has been through a lot over the years. She explains: “The truth is, I was not blessed with amazing hair. When I was young, it was frizzy with strange cowlicks I didn’t know how to manage. When I was pregnant, it was suddenly thick and fabulous. Then, after my daughter’s birth, it thinned away again – and then the peri-menopause rollercoaster started. It now seems to be more settled so I feel I’m the perfect candidate to lean on a vitamin supplement for some hair support that is beneficial and that I will treasure. That’s why I was so excited when I was asked to be an ambassador for New Nordic’s Hair Volume™.”