Key Products – July 2022

Pumpkin Seeds

Eden organic Pumpkin Seeds are hulled, dry roasted, and misted with Eden sea salt. Low sodium. Excellent protein, zinc, magnesium, iron, and beneficial fat. Excellent snack food, nourishing, satisfying, and delicious.

Bone Structure Multivitamin & Mineral

Whole Earth & Sea Bone Structure Multivitamin & Mineral is a 100% organic, non-GMO, nutrient-rich formula providing real nutrition for building bones and keeping them strong. The ingredients grown on Factors Farms® are harvested at their peak and immediately raw processed using EnviroSimplex® technology to retain vital bioenergetic vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Liquid Melatonin

When we have healthy sleep patterns, we naturally produce the melatonin we need to fall asleep. But sometimes, our bodies don’t deliver enough of it at bedtime—especially as we age. Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin acts fast to reduce night wakings and the time it takes to fall asleep.


The immune system relies on the compounds produced by friendly bacteria in the microbiome to regulate the immune response. Postbiotics contain these same bioactive compounds. CanPrev’s Post-Biotik, made from heat-killed Lactobacillus strains, contains a natural blend of enzymes, metabolites, and other bioactive compounds that support the immune response.; (888) 226-7733

Multivitamins & Minerals

Whole Earth & Sea® Multivitamin & Mineral products are organic, non-GMO, wholefood formulas for women and men featuring bioenergetic vitamins and minerals in a nutrient-rich base of organic plants grown on Factors Farms®. These vegan-friendly, raw-food-based multis are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for women and men, with 50+ options to meet the health needs of more mature individuals.

UV Protect

Prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin and accelerate the aging process. UV Protect is designed to support your skin during exposure to harmful UV rays that break down vital skin components, leaving you with a healthy skin-kissed complexion.; (888) 226-7733

Marine Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid Glutamine & Biotin

Total Body Marine Collagen™ with hyaluronic acid, glutamine, and biotin combines the anti-aging support of Collactive™ collagen and elastin peptides with synergistic nutrients to support healthy skin, connective tissue, muscles, and joints. This marine-based formula reduces wrinkles in 28 days and has a neutral taste and smell, which is ideal to add to smoothies, drinks, or baked goods.

WES Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral

Whole Earth & Sea Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral is a comprehensive, wholefood-based supplement designed specifically for pregnant women. Non-GMO and 100% vegan, this formula contains bio-enhanced active vitamin and mineral complexes for maximum absorption. Additional wholefood nutrition is supplied by Farm Fresh Factors, made from raw, organic, nutrient-rich plants.

Cran Berry Gummies

New Nordic’s Cran Berry Gummy with Sour Cherry, is the tasty and vegan way of getting high amounts of cranberry extract to prevent urinary tract infections.

Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix

Natural Factors Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix contains an enhanced source of the antioxidant quercetin used in herbal medicine to protect blood vessels, defend against oxidative stress, and provide immune support. Our unique patent-pending technology results in 10 times higher absorption than standard forms.

Fermented Organic Protein & Greens

Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Organic Protein & Greens is a 100% fermented and organic formula providing 21 g of quality plant protein in every serving. It comes in the delicious organic flavours chocolate, tropical, and vanilla chai, as well as an unflavoured option.

Vegetarian Capsules

Supercharge your cells and help increase energy production (ATP) at the cellular level with regenerLife™, so you can fight brain fog and low energy. A mitochondrial optimization formula, regenerLife contains a potent combination of targeted nutritional compounds shown to optimize mitochondrial function, as mitochondria are the key producers of energy within our cells. Available in delicious watermelon powder or NEW vegetarian capsules!

True Focus

NOW® True Focus™ combines important nootropic nutrients with other ingredients like Ginkgo biloba, CoQ10, Grape Seed Extract, and DMAE for maintenance of alertness and mental acuity. This formula provides a source of antioxidants and amino acids for good health.

Superfood Power-Up Mixers

Whole Earth & Sea Superfood Power-up Mixers are vegan friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Whole Earth & Sea Power-up Mixers make it easier than ever to support great health and vitality. These unique formulas are 100% fermented and organic, harnessing the power of natural fermentation to deliver a broad spectrum of highly bioavailable nutrients in a convenient and delicious powder. These formulas come in the great flavours Beets Me™, Boost Me™, and Soothe Me™!

Vitamin C

Enjoy the same great benefits of 1000mg of mineral ascorbate vitamin C plus essential vitamins & minerals but now in 4 Sugar Free delicious flavours: Passionfruit, Lemon Ginger, Mixed Berry, and Orange!

Fermented Organic Greens

Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Organic Greens is a 100% fermented and certified organic formula providing 6 g of quality plant protein in every serving. This exceptional non-GMO, vegan-friendly, green superfood formula contains fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms to support an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Marine Collagen

Total Body Marine Collagen™ is a neutral-tasting and odourless powder. Each serving provides 10 g of non-GMO, hydrolyzed collagen peptides that can be added to smoothies, drinks, or baked goods without affecting the flavour. Marine Collagen is derived from wild-caught whitefish. It helps reduce osteoarthritic joint pain and promotes the health of hair, skin, and nails.

Resilient Mind

Fight back against the daily grind. Progressive Resilient Mind has a combination of herbals and adaptogens to help relieve mental fatigue, promote relaxation, and support your natural resistance to stress. You got this!

Knit Tank Dress

This throw-on-and-go dress is great for sunny days, brunch datesand everything in between. And thanks to its earth-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing, it’s as easy on the earth as it is easy to wear. Plus, every item plants ten trees.

Total Meal Replacement

Total Body Collagen partnered with whey protein and PGX plus vitamins and minerals all in one meal replacement powder. This Total Meal Replacement will help you feel full longer, bring blood sugar to normal levels, and help lower cholesterol. PGX is useful in weight reduction, as it helps fill you up and keep you feeling satiated. With 25 g of protein and 19 g of carbohydrates, this great product can be used as part of a 12-week program to help you reduce weight by 5%.

Cipag Clinic

By combining integrative and conventional therapies, CIPAG Clinic has been able to help patients with chronic and degenerative illnesses for over 35 years. Contact us to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our experienced and caring doctors.;;  (664) 6835700

Fermented Whole Food Probiotic

Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Whole Food Probiotic provides 10 billion active cells of 10 strains of beneficial bacteria per capsule. Shelf-stable, this vegan-friendly prebiotic + probiotic + postbiotic synergistic formula helps support gastrointestinal health and wellness for optimal digestion and gut health support.


FitFuel is a muscle-stimulating energy stack in a buffered mineral base that delivers the physical power and mental focus you need to optimize your workouts. This tasty pre-workout drink mix induces your mind and body to work in sync to stimulate fat-burning and promote muscle growth. You will work harder and smarter with greater focus and stamina.


Total Body Collagen™ provides hydrolyzed collagen alongside synergistic nutrients to promote healthy skin and connective tissues, reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and support lean muscle growth and recovery after a workout. This convenient powder is available unflavoured and in two great-tasting natural flavours to promote healthy collagen and elastin production.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Natural Factors RealEasy with PGX Meal Replacement shakes are clinically proven to be a completely safe, natural, and highly effective way to achieve and maintain your weight-loss goals. RealEasy Meal Replacement shakes will greatly diminish appetite, so you will eat less, making weight loss almost effortless.