Key Products

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Key Products

Find Balance with Flora’s Shelf-Stable Probiotics

With Flora’s new shelf-stable probiotics, you can naturally restore your digestive balance and support a healthy immune system.

  • Daily support for a healthy digestive system
  • Provides healthy bacteria to the entire intestinal tract
  • Gluten free + Non-GMO Strains + Made in Canada + Shelf-stable; (877) 463-5672

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NOW BetterStevia™ has a fresh new look. As Canada’s original & leading stevia brand, BetterStevia™ has no unpleasant aftertaste, is natural, calorie-smart, and non-GMO assured.


  • Patented formula with 24/7 immune support
  • Clinically proven to stay in white blood cells longer than regular vitamin C
  • Contains active metabolites threonate and furanone
  • Non-acidic so it’s gentle on the stomach; (800) 663-4163

Orange Naturals Digestion Tincture

Orange Naturals Digestion tincture helps to relieve digestive disturbances like gas and bloating, while stimulating bile flow. Made with organic and wildcrafted herbs, including artichoke leaf, dandelion, peppermint, camomile, and a few more—the perfect combination to effectively aid digestive upset.; (888) 226-7733

The Ketogenic Kickstarter

The perfect addition to any keto or low-carb diet, ALLMAX introduces all-new KETOCUTS! Formulated for the ketogenic athlete to help kick-start ketosis and provide energy. KETOCUTS includes everything a ketogenic dieter wants from effective BHB exogenous ketones to quality MCTs. This ketogenic energy drink will increase your ketone levels, boost your energy, and help support body fat reduction.


ISURA-certified natural products are guaranteed safe, clean, and effective. Look for the ISURA quality seal.

Vitamin C8

  • Provides a full spectrum of 8 different C vitamins along with 7 minerals and trace elements
  • Better absorption for a long-lasting effect
  • Formulated with 10 plant super-antioxidants

Genuine Health greens+

Get plant powered! A blend of 23 colourful and nourishing plant ingredients that provide the most abundant source of health-promoting plant nutrients, greens+ is the only superfood proven to boost energy and vitality, provide a rich source of phytonutrients, and balance pH.

Love Good Fats

New ridiculously delicious keto bars and now fat shakes. Keto friendly with only 1-2 g of sugar, less than 5 g of net carbs, and clean wholesome ingredients. 6 yummy flavours of bars and 2 new shakes.

New Roots Herbal Chill Pills

  • Reduce your stress with New Roots Herbal’s Chill Pills
  • Contains ashwagandha, passionflower, and L‑theanine to help temporarily promote relaxation.


Management of stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity. Helpful for well-being, rest, cognitive health, and brain function. Suitable for adults and children. Natural products with proven efficacy through clinical studies of their ingredients. Recommended by therapists and users for over 18 years and a proud success around the world.


When natural testosterone begins to drop, men may notice a decrease in muscle tone, strength, and sexual stamina. AndroForce helps your body manage stress and cortisol levels, supporting your hormonal feedback mechanisms to boost testosterone and reduce estrogen levels.

Natural Factors Organic Reliefibre

Better absorption for a long-lasting effect

  • Monash University Low FODMAP Certified
  • 100% organic, non-GMO, and gluten free
  • Dissolves rapidly in water
  • Available in Tropical and Unflavoured; (888) 566-4404

Sea-licious® Active Omega-3 + MCT Oil

The ultimate synergistic blend of high potency omega-3, vitamin D3, astaxanthin, and pure MCT oil in a delicious orange vanilla flavour. Thank you to our retailers and customers who voted for us!

  • 1500mg EPA + 750mg DHA omega-3 with 400IU vitamin D3 per teaspoon
  • 534mg MCT oil and astaxanthin antioxidant and green tea extract
  • Sugar-free, non-GMO, and gluten free
  • Third-party tested and certified for purity, potency, and freshness; (888) 826-9625


Hyalogic is one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of hyaluronic acid (HA) nutritional supplements and personal care products. Hyalogic thrives because of our unique products and superior customer service. We also believe in educating the public about the benefits of healthy living and the value of using quality products where we have incorporated this wonderful, water-loving molecule called HA.

Cleanse Happy with Flor•Essence®

Flor-Essence is a gentle cleanse that supports your body’s natural processes, helping it to remove toxins more efficiently.

  • Safe and effective full body cleanse
  • 8-herb formula synergistically supports multiple elimination pathways
  • Organic + Gluten free + Kosher + Non-GMO + Vegan; (877) 463-5672

NEW! VegiDay® Vegan Organic All in One Shake & Go

VegiDay Vegan Organic All in One Shake & Go formula provides a perfect blend of whole-foods ingredients to give you the energy you need to get the most out of your day.

  • 21 g of complete raw organic vegan protein per serving
  • Source of protein, greens, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals
  • Contains organic superfoods and greens
  • Certified gluten free, sugar free, soy free, dairy free, and non-GMO; (888) 826-9625


KetoEnzyme contains natural fat-digesting enzymes and purified ox bile powder, specially designed to help fat digestion, relieve constipation, and provide bile salts for bloating, gas, and digestive stress. KetoEnzyme facilitates the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, phytonutrients, and omega fatty acids.

New! CanPrev Magnesium

CanPrev Magnesium is designed with you in mind. Choose from Gentle, Extra Gentle, Ultra Gentle, and now an Ultra Gentle Liquid formula! We also have goal-specific
magnesium—Sleep, Cardio, Malate and ElectroMag formulas. All pure, eminently
absorbable, and remarkably gentle.; (888) 226-7733

WomenSense® – Natural Solutions for Women of All Ages

WomenSense products are designed to help women reach their full health potential. Each product is carefully formulated to suit the specific needs of adult women through various phases of life, from mental or physical stress to the hormonal changes that occur with age. Products that help support hormonal health include AdrenaSense, EstroSense, MenoSense and ThyroSense.; (888) 826-9625

Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated

The next innovation in the protein category is here. Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated combines 20 g of plant-based protein elevated by superfoods, including lion’s mane, reishi, turmeric, and ashwagandha. Your customers are already using protein daily and are curious about adding herbs or mushrooms to meet their health goals. This product takes the complexity out of supplement shopping with 3 easy-to-use formulations: Brain Booster, Adrenal Support and Anti-Inflammatory.

Sisu No7

  • Reduces joint pain and improves range of motion within 7 days
  • Unique one-a-day formula with exclusive ingredients (5-Loxin Advanced™, UC-11®, Ester-C®)
  • Contains no glucosamine or chondroitin
  • Targeting active lifestyle consumers; (800) 663-4163

Whole Earth & Sea Greens and Protein & Greens

  • 100% fermented and organic plant-based green superfood formula, made in Canada
  • Fermentation helps enhance nutrient bioavailability and produces unique beneficial compounds to support all-around good health
  • Great-tasting, vegan, non-GMO, and naturally sweetened with stevia
  • Gluten free and non-dairy
  • Greens available in Organic Chocolate, Organic Tropical, and Unflavoured.
  • Protein & Greens available in New Organic Vanilla Chai and Unflavoured along with Organic Tropical and Organic Chocolate.; (888) 566-4404

CanPrev’s Pro-Biotik™ 15B

CanPrev’s Pro-Biotik™ 15B is a shelf-stable probiotic formula with 5 critical probiotic species naturally found in the human intestinal tract. Keep a bottle close by for improved digestive health—your immune system will thank you!; (888) 226-7733

Introducing clean collagen from Genuine Health!

Each serving contains 10 g of pure, hydrolyzed collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised USDA cattle or sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish from the North Atlantic. Both available in unflavoured and lightly flavoured water enhancers. Non-GMO, dairy free, and gluten free.