Key Products – December 2021

Ultimate Male Energy

Male Energy – Formulated Especially for Men over 35

Male Energy protects testosterone from conversion to estrogen, restores hormone balance, and reduces symptoms of declining testosterone. Vegetarian capsules and non-GMO.

CanPrev: New! Magnesium Stress Release

Magnesium Stress Release is formulated with ashwagandha, an adaptogen that’s long been used to heal stress, as well as key vitamins B5, B6, and C for quelling stress hormone production. This combination of ingredients aims to restore mental calmness, aid irritability and concentration, and encourage quality sleep.; (888) 226-7733

Innovite: Best Absorbed Vitamin C

Innovite’s Pureway-C™ 600 is clinically proven to outperform. Research shows it’s more rapidly absorbed, better retained (233% higher) and shows greater reduction of oxidative stress markers for better immune function over all other forms of vitamin C. Its unique fatty acid metabolites enhance cellular uptake for superior wound healing and 12% more antioxidant activity.; (888) 226-7733


Made for fashion and function, this unisex puffer has a perfectly oversized sillouette and is made from 99% recycled materials (down to the zippers). Stay warm while keeping the earth cool with vegan insulation and a non-toxic sustainable DWR finish.

CanPrev: Hello sunshine! New D3 2500IU and Vegan D3

Find the D3 that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking for D3 that’s vegan, high potency, with k2, in drops, or in softgels – look for CanPrev. CanPrev D3 is GMO-free and made in Canada without any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Just what you’ve come to expect from CanPrev.; (888) 226-7733


GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is an amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain and throughout the central nervous system helping promote relaxation and ease nervous tension. Synergistic Vitamin B6 helps maintain GABA levels. NOW® provides only the naturally occurring L-form of GABA as found in food, as well as in the body.

New Nordic

Joint health never tasted so good.

Turmeric Gummy is a new, delicious, sugar free and vegan gummy, that delivers high amounts of pure and natural turmeric extract. This tasty orange and mango flavoured supplement is the convenient way to reduce joint inflammation and pain naturally.; 1877-696-6734

Ultimate Testosterone Boost

Promotes Healthy Testosterone in Men

Testosterone Boost formula features a full-spectrum extract of ashwagandha, to provide significant improvement in testosterone. It also lowers stress levels, while supporting energy and performance. Vegetarian capsules and non-GMO.

Eden Foods: Edensoy

Edensoy Original was the first organic, and first verified non-GMO, soymilk in America. The only non-dairy liquid food with kombu sea vegetable, which supplies full-spectrum trace minerals and taste enhancement. The only U.S. soymilk properly prepared to nourish human beings.; 888-424-3336

Genuine Health: Advanced Gut Health Probiotic Mood

A healthy gut helps to support a healthy mental outlook! This extra-strength probiotic was made to reduce perceived stress and improve quality of life. Just one capsule a day delivers 15 balanced probiotic strains for gut and emotional health plus Extramel™ melon juice concentrate proven to help reduce stress and fatigue.

Natural Factors: Antiviral

Anti-Viral Fresh Herbal Tincture with ECHINAMIDE® Power

Natural Factors ECHINAMIDE® Anti-Viral Potent Fresh Herbal Tincture harnesses the power of nature to help you fight viruses. A proprietary blend of clinically proven ECHINAMIDE with well-researched antiviral herbs, this formula helps relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of colds and flus.

Ultimate Her Energy

Promotes Healthy Estrogen Balance in Women

Her Energy supports a healthy estrogen balance. It is a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Vegetarian capsules and non-GMO.

WES Women's Prenatal

Whole Earth & Sea® Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral

Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral is a comprehensive, wholefood-based supplement designed specifically for pregnant women. Non-GMO and 100% vegan, this formula contains bioenhanced active vitamin and mineral complexes for maximum absorption.

Progressive Perfect Probiotic

Progressive’s new and improved Perfect Probiotic™ formulas cover all your gut health needs, from everyday support to additional intestinal health. The lineup includes formulas for children in a powder, or a new chewable tablet, and individuals 50+ years.

Canadian Bitters® Apple Cider Vinegar

St. Francis Herb Farm Canadian Bitters® Apple Cider Vinegar amplifies the digestive benefits of award-winning Canadian Bitters®, in a certified organic, de-alcoholised tincture! This unique, powerful formula combines key digestive herbs PLUS Apple Cider Vinegar to relieve common disturbances AND cultivate strong, balanced digestion on-going!

Natural Factors: Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix

Natural Factors Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix contains an enhanced source of the antioxidant quercetin used in herbal medicine to protect blood vessels, defend against oxidative stress, and provide immune support. Our unique, patent-pending technology results in 10 times higher absorption than standard forms.


What’s most important to you?

The ISURA® seal is your assurance that the product is independently verified as clean and safe, and has been tested for up to 800 possible contaminants. ISURA’s rigorous testing includes hundreds of quality procedures using state-of-the-art technology. It provides you with the confidence that this product is ISURA verified clean, one of the highest testing standards in the world.

Ultimate Libido

Ultimate Libido – Natural Aphrodisiac for Men and Women

Ultimate Libido with Tongkat Ali is formulated to enhance both desire and performance as a natural aphrodisiac and to increase testosterone. Vegetarian capsules and non-GMO.

Natural Factors: Real Easy

It’s simple to trim down with the new RealEasy™ with PGX® Meal Replacement shakes!

Natural Factors RealEasy with PGX Meal Replacement shakes are the perfect solution for anyone striving to achieve healthy weight loss and control their appetite. These shakes are available in chocolate and vanilla vegan formulas, and chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry whey formulas. The addition of PGX to these delicious shakes helps you feel full longer, bring blood sugar to normal levels, and reduce cravings.

Cipag Clinic

By combining integrative and conventional therapies, CIPAG Clinic has been able to help patients with chronic and degenerative illnesses for over 35 years. Contact us to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our experienced and caring doctors.; 011-52-(664)-6835700

Natural Calm

When we have healthy sleep patterns, we naturally produce the melatonin we need to fall asleep. But sometimes, our bodies don’t deliver enough of it at bedtime – especially as we age. Heavenly Sleep Liquid Melatonin acts fast to reduce night wakings and the time it takes to fall asleep.

Ultimate Maca Energy

Sun-Dried Organic Maca Energy for Men and Women

Maca Energy provides the support you need to increase energy, relax tense muscles, and reduce stress levels. Vegetarian capsules, non-GMO, and organic.

WES Multivitamins

Whole Earth & Sea® Multivitamins

Specially designed to meet the needs of both younger and more mature women and men, these non-GMO, wholefood formulas feature bioenergetic vitamins and minerals in a nutrient-rich base of organic plants grown on Factors Farms®.