Change How We Look at Sleep Aids!

With two traditional Chinese herbs

Change How We Look at Sleep Aids!

A healthy sleep cycle has a direct impact on how well an individual performs. Regularly losing focus will result in a significant decrease in work efficiency and the inability to properly respond to critical situations. Constant interruptions will build up stress over time and compromise an individual’s health. This is why all the major health tips focus on sleep. However, attempts to relax and reduce stress are becoming harder for people in modern society. This is why Viva has devoted many efforts to improve sleep quality and regulate sleep cycle.

Many sleep aids currently on the market possess unpleasant side effects, such as drowsiness in the morning. For this reason, many customers seek help from herbal remedies that will less likely do so, to ensure they have a better sleep cycle. As a result, some herbs with excellent sedative effects but unknown to the market are gaining rapid recognition. Viva Pharmaceuticals has spent more than 10 years to search for the synergistic effects that could be found in various traditional Chinese medicine herbs. Eventually, two herbs stand out from all the other candidates: Yuanzhi and Baiziren.


Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae)

Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae) is the root of a herbaceous plant that is commonly known as thinleaf milkwort. With its eye-catching violet flowers, Yuanzhi, which means “for a longer memory” in Chinese, has many unique characteristics that have been studied and used throughout Chinese medical history. Since ancient time, Yuanzhi has been well known for its positive effect on enhancing memory and reducing anxiety. Modern research suggests Yuanzhi can also enhance immune function and regulate chemical interactions in the nervous system. To achieve maximum effect, the root needs to be carefully selected and dried before use. For many centuries, Chinese medical specialists have been utilizing the characteristics of Yuanzhi to help patients with insomnia problems gradually improve and regulate their sleep conditions.

Baiziren (Semen Platycladi)

Baiziren is sourced from the evergreen coniferous tree Chinese Arborvitae. The matured and oily pine nuts are carefully selected and dried before they are skinned to leave the premium seed core for the final product: Baiziren. In Chinese culture, evergreen coniferous trees are often regarded as a symbol of longevity and vitality. The direct Latin translation of the common name, “arborvitae,” is “tree of life.” Traditional Chinese medical culture emphasizes physical health, which is a reflection of an individual’s mental and spiritual state. Therefore, it is natural that traditional Chinese medical practitioners have long sought to unlock the secrets hidden in the evergreen trees. One of the secrets may be inside the seed. Historical uses of Baiziren include the sedation of anxiety and for resolving insomnia-related problems. Baiziren is a natural and nutritional jewel with a lot of potential, especially in reducing insomnia.

What did we find?

After 10 years of research on synergistic function of natural herbal ingredients for insomnia, Viva’s scientific experts have found the unique synergetic effects that only exist with the precise combination of the two ingredients.

“We have found the combination of Baiziren (Platycladus orientalis) and Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae) has significant synergistic function for treating insomnia and is a promise for the people who are looking for natural alternative medicine,” said Sherry Xie, Chief Scientific Officer at Viva Pharmaceuticals.

An all-natural and herbal combination to relieve insomnia without side effects is now possible. Viva’s patented technology and formulation ensures the purity and safety of the product and our experienced extraction method ensures not only premium product but also consistent quality in every bottle. All of these efforts have a single purpose: to create a natural, safe, and effective sleep aid.

Who is Viva?

Viva is one of the biggest GMP-certified pharmaceutical and natural health food products manufacturers in BC. Viva’s supplements are manufactured following the same pharmaceutical standards for high quality and high integrity. Viva’s reliable ingredients and innovative products are scientifically examined and selected to ensure maximum efficiency. Since 1994, Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer committed to the consistent production of natural health food products with premium quality. Viva Neutraceuticals product line is the pinnacle of Viva’s experience and would serve as the foundation for future business cooperation.