Company profile: CanPrev

A company that works to put your health back into your hands

Company profile: CanPrev

Since its inception in 2005, CanPrev has successfully maintained the vision to make natural medicine safe, effective, and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a 9-to-5er, a new mom, an elite athlete, or someone who wants to simply build good health and maintain it, CanPrev supports your every endeavour.

The CanPrev philosophy

CanPrev wants its customers to understand that supporting the body’s functions isn’t just about taking a multivitamin every day. It’s about understanding how the body works in the first place and what it needs to keep going. CanPrev maintains the highest standards of purity, potency, and accuracy of every ingredient that goes into every capsule in every bottle.

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While CanPrev puts an extraordinary amount of research, time, and effort behind developing and bringing each product to market, it spends almost an equal amount of time writing and producing educational materials for the professional wellness community, its patients, and CanPrev customers.

ND Notes ( is a seasonal newsletter written by CanPrev’s in-house naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners—the same ones who develop CanPrev’s fine line of vitamins and supplements. Written as a practical resource for naturopathic and integrative practices, ND Notes is a very detailed and informative newsletter that benefits lay readers, too. Themes such as stress, aging naturally, and understanding thyroid function are presented in both educational and entertaining ways.

Magnesium A-Z

New to CanPrev’s print and online releases is Magnesium, a Complete Primer (, a free, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow guide on all there is to know about this crucial mineral. The Magnesium Primer chronicles how to recognize magnesium deficiency; how the mineral benefits body function right down to the cells; how it helps with conditions such as anxiety, heart ailments, muscle pain and cramps, and migraines; plus more. This book also illustrates why, for some people, a magnesium supplement is so important to take every day.

Why choose CanPrev?

CanPrev employs in-house natural health practitioners who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. This core group of professionals are integral to research and development, quality assurance, and education. When it comes to ingredients, only the finest are sourced, and every ingredient is reviewed to meet CanPrev’s standards when it comes to identity, purity, and potency.

All of CanPrev’s extensive product line is Health Canada licensed and made at Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities. Further testing by independent laboratories ensures that every batch of product meets industry and quality standards.

The CanPrev name is well known among Canadian health practitioners, meaning that CanPrev vitamins and supplements have earned professional recommendation approval. If your naturopath or chiropractor stocks the CanPrev line, then you know it’s trusted.

Last but not least, CanPrev is Canadian owned and operated! Its products are developed by licensed Canadian healthcare practitioners, licensed by Health Canada, and manufactured in government-approved Canadian facilities.