Coming soon in … alive: November 2018

Coming soon in … <em>alive</em>: November 2018

In November … we’re taking some deep breaths … focusing our minds … and … de-stressing …

Keep taking those deep, and focused breaths, while we examine some important, and often unique, ways to de-stress (ever tried an ear massage, or a spontaneous Hokey Pokey session?). Seriously, though, we also cover the best supplements to help calm those tense shoulders and frazzled nerves, and we share some fascinating insights into living with anxiety by a media personality and New York Times best-selling author. We also ask the age-old question, “What’s a loppet?!”

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the great articles coming up in the November issue of alive.

Blue light blues

E-readers, cellphones, and LED streetlights: just a few examples of convenient blue light-emitting devices. But these rays have drawbacks. Find out about the health hazards of blue light and what we can do to minimize them.


Many Canadians dread the coming winter with its shorter days, longer nights, and dearth of lightness. For many, the dread is a symptom of seasonal affective disorder, a kind of seasonal depression. Find out more about this disorder along with natural strategies to help lift the mood.

The meaning of dreaming

Some people have dreams that are hazy and hard to recall. Or funny and unforgettable. Trying to make sense of a bizarre dream can be challenging. Find out about the inner workings of dreams and their connection to well-being.

Upbeat blues

While some find peace in the act of cooking, others find coziness in the eating. Whether your customers are one or the other—or both—they’ll get a lift with these delightful recipes of the season. A harmony of colour combines pleasure with calm.

We bring you all this—and much more—in the November issue of alive.