Coming soon in … alive: November 2017

Coming soon in … <em>alive</em>: November 2017

In November, we’re embracing imperfection—in all its glory!

A thirteenth century Buddhist master wrote that “to be enlightened is to be without anxiety over imperfection.” Although we make no claims to “enlightenment” in the pages of November’s alive, we do venture down some pathways toward understanding—and accepting—our perceived flaws. Here are a few highlights from the upcoming issue of alive.

Beautiful recipes made with ugly produce

It’s time we leaned into this responsible trend: time we started asking for and buying imperfect veggies and fruits. Our collection of recipes—each one a feast to be enjoyed—is perfect for imperfects.

The best bang-for-your-buck workouts

Time’s a rare commodity in most busy lives. Fitting in some fitness is often a challenge. What’s the good, better, best of workout routines? Check out our time-starved but effective 15-minute workout, the better 30-minute circuit, and the gold-plated 60-minute deluxe workout.

How to plug nutritional gaps

We live in a world of plenty. But we often have to make critical choices when it comes to the foods we eat, especially when we’re following a special diet. Find out how to use careful planning, along with supplementation, to plug any nutritional imbalances before they cause problems.

Why oil of oregano is awesome

Oregano is found in most well-stocked spice cabinets. But we also know oregano—specifically its essential oil—for its many medicinal qualities. From cold and flu fighter to potential cancer therapy, we reveal more about the many benefits of oregano oil.

We bring you all this—and much more—in the November issue of alive.