Coming soon in … alive: May 2016

May cover

We may not dance around the maypole anymore, but May’s sunshine and warmer temperatures will no doubt be luring us outside to soak it all in. Our detox advice—the best herbal detox teas and supplements along with tips for cleansing our diets, exercise routines, stress, and relationships—will help readers find that extra spring in their steps.

In the alive kitchen, we’re detoxing our takeout with Asian-inspired favourites and discovering the aromatic secrets behind international flavours. Here are just some of the other information-packed articles coming in the May issue of alive.

It's Elemental

It’s elemental

Minerals play such an important role in keeping our bodies functioning as they should, but we sometimes forget about them. In this article, we cover four of the most elemental minerals our bodies need to maintain optimal health—iron, calcium, magnesium, and silica—along with the latest news from the lab.


Fresh Facial Cleansers

Fresh facial cleansers

In our beauty article, readers will find out how to avoid harsh facial washes, in favour of gentle natural cleansers. They’ll also learn how to include cleansing oils, lotions, balms, and waters in their facial routines—and how to find them at their local natural health store.



Be HIIT smart

High intensity interval training is the latest answer to maintaining fitness in our hectic lives. Readers will learn how to stay safe during these high-octane workouts—and they can try our fast, fun, safe, and effective HIIT workout for the gym or home.


The amazing avocado

From pasta to soups to chocolate-laced desserts, avocado’s creamy delight can infuse our diet with great flavour and a nutrient payload. The inspiration from these five delicious recipes will have readers thinking well beyond guacamole.

We bring you all this—and much more—in the May issue of alive.