Coming soon in … alive: June 2017

Coming soon in … <em>alive</em>: June 2017

What better way to achieve fitness, during the warm summer months, than to don your helmet and hit the trails on your bike?

This month, we climbed the heights to talk to some trailblazers about their passion for the ride. We took the jump, learned the lingo, and now we’re sharing the inspirational reflections of some of the most passionate and accomplished mountain bikers in the world.

If you’ve found a new passion for shredding the gnar, staying injury free will probably be big on your to-do list. Get some advice from a pro—an injury pro—about how to avoid the common pitfalls of the sport, and get yourself in shape with tips, tricks, and exercises that’ll prep you to rip those trails.

Even if your biking adventure doesn’t propel you down vertical slopes, a road trip on wheels can always use some tasty fuel. Be sure to fuel up beforehand with one of our playful smoothies for the ride and then pack your panniers with some of our delicious portable meals.

And when, as the wind rushes past you, you find yourself wondering, “Is acupuncture painful?” or “What the heck is psychoneuroimmunology?” you’ll be happy to know the answer can be found right in the pages of alive’s June issue.

Traditional Chinese medicine

You’ve heard of traditional Chinese medicine. You probably also know about acupuncture. But did you know that this ancient system of healing has so much more to offer modern medicine than what recent research is only now revealing?

Rhinos on the run

Can you imagine a world without rhinos? With poaching levels on the rise, that might be where we’re heading. And it all starts with bogus health claims about rhinoceros horns.

The brain-body connection

Have you heard the word psychoneuroimmunology? It’s a fascinating branch of research looking at our gut-brain connection and how it keeps us healthy. Pack it up into your personal lexicon; you’ll be a hit at your next fun-filled gathering!

Tasty portable power

Want to make sure your gas tank doesn’t hit red when working out? Push harder and avoid hitting the wall with these recipes for DIY portable fuel that will keep you feeling energized on any trail.

We bring you all this—and much more—in the June issue of alive.