Coming soon in … alive: December 2017

Coming soon in … <em>alive</em>: December 2017

In December, we’re all about DI4Y—a riff on DIY that’s all about doing things for yourself.

From fitness to food, we’re looking at ways we can keep ourselves healthy and happy throughout winter and beyond—by ourselves, for ourselves. What self-care projects should we be making time for? What workouts can make our to-do lists seem manageable? And what flavours make us feel most alive at this time of year?

An immunity-boosting self-care plan

Looking for the best gift you can give yourself? Support your immune function with DI4Y strategies for your lifestyle, diet, and supplement plan. Complement these practices with at-home hydrotherapy techniques to boost your winter immunity.

The science of getting festive

We’ve gathered all kinds of data to help us understand how Canadians gather. How do our friends and family affect our eating habits? What do we eat when we’re feeling festive? And what supplements can help when we push back from the table, stuffed?

Holiday treat-inspired smoothies

With all the tempting treats on offer around the holidays, it can be hard to resist the temptation to overindulge. Satisfy your sweet tooth without wreaking havoc on your healthy eating goals by whipping up a dessert-flavoured smoothie instead.

alive’s fitness advent calendar

Number of December days leading up to Christmas: 25. Number of calories in one advent calendar chocolate: 25. Number of calories burned opening presents: not enough! Check out our 25-day fitness advent calendar to combat all that chocolate and keep you on track.

We bring you all this—and much more—in the December issue of alive.