Coming soon in … alive: April 2018

Coming soon in … alive: April 2018

In April, we’re getting excited about all things green, from gorgeous matcha-infused recipes to cancer-fighting leafy greens. And what’s greener than the great outdoors in spring? We share a stress-fighting outdoor workout that will give you an excuse to stop and smell the roses (while doing push-ups).

Confessions from a rookie herb gardener

Versatile, potent, nutritious—herbs are extraordinary plants. Join a rookie herbaphile as she speaks to some inspirational herb specialists to learn how to grow her own indoor garden and then shares some great tips and lots of resources.

Sweet and savoury matcha recipes

With signs of spring popping up everywhere, why not freshen up your recipe repertoire? Not only is matcha green tea healthy, but it’s also endlessly versatile. Our mouth-watering Matcha Pistachio Cake is proof of that.

Antioxidants—what’s the buzz?

We’ve all heard the word (and read it) countless times. But if we were asked to define it, how far would we get? We’re breaking down what antioxidants are, how they work, why they’re important, and—most importantly—what all the buzz is about.

The health benefits of reishi mushroom

Nature offers a never-ending wealth of health-giving gems. One of them happens to be a fascinating fungus that grows at the base and stumps of deciduous trees, especially Japanese plum trees. Find out what makes the reishi mushroom so fascinating.

We bring you all this—and much more—in the April issue of alive.